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This web site is the property of:

USS Balch DD363 / USS Porterfield DD682 Reunion Association

which is made up of men who were the Officers and Crews of the:

USS Balch DD363

USS Porterfield DD682

With the above being said we would like to hear from you....



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If you were using a search engine to find information about the

 USS Balch DD363 or the USS Porterfield DD682

Then you have reached the right web site. At this point you are wondering why the two ships are together and what is the

USS Balch DD363 / USS Porterfield DD682 Reunion Association

During WW II when the US Navy was building ships so fast that it was hard to find crews to man them. They took some of the crew from the USS Balch DD363 who was ordered back to the States dry-dock repairs  and put them on board the new destroyer USS Porterfield DD 682

After the war, crew members from both ships who had stayed in contact came together to create the:

USS Balch DD363 / USS Porterfield DD682 Reunion Association

To these men we owe a debt of gratitude, but for them there would be no reunion association, and no web site.

If you have served on either the

USS Balch DD363 or the USS Porterfield DD682

We want you as a member. Membership is free, there are no dues! We are trying to locate and bring into the reunion association all who served on these two great ships.


A simple email to us and we will take care of the rest,

please use the link below

   Pat & Jim Siler, email: Jim and Pat Siler

If you are interested in receiving the bulletins of the Balch-Porterfield Reunion Assn, please send us your email address, we can email it to you or send it thru the US post office. Pat Fisher is secretary of the assn, and was on the USS Porterfield March 1951 to April 1953. He was in ships office. We enjoy all the messages and try to contact as many as we can, after we read them. The best to all of you in 2003, and the next reunion will be in Indianapolis the week of October 5 - 11. Further information will be coming out in the next bulletin, which can be accessed in this webpage.
2003-01-14 20:17:25, Claudia Fisher,

Pat and Claudia Fisher




This Web site is dedicated to all the brave men who served aboard

USS Balch DD-363


USS Porterfield DD-682

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association is to keep alive the memories

of these two fine ships and the men who served aboard them

and to bring these men and their families together.

The Balch/Porterfield Reunion Association has been in existence

and holding annual reunions since 1972

It is hoped that this web site will bring more shipmates

back "into the fold".


This Web Site is maintained by:

Jeff Shaffer - Pat & Jim Siler

Bill White: Photos ~ Claudia and Pat Fisher: Newsletter and Contacts

Write to us, we would like to hear from you.

Jeff Shaffer                Pat and Jim Siler. email

Bill White. email                   Claudia & Pat Fisher

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